Diego Who?



Even when I was younger, looking out of the window while my father would drive gave me this surreal feeling. I witnessed different things while staring out the window; poverty, misery, wealth, boredom, happiness, etc. I saw how people would interact with their surroundings and how they behaved with each other. While some would try and hide others would do as much as they can to stand out from the crowd. When I began photographing during my sophomore year I dint know what I supposed to do. I found my self without a purpose and could not seem to find a passion in photography. Gradually, I began to pay more attention to my surroundings and the people in it. I found interesting the way peoples facial expressions changed depending on their mood. Over time I realized that people made interesting photo subjects. Every person has a different story, experiences, struggles, and goals. Through my photographs I am able to preserve those stories. From the people on the streets to breathtaking landscapes that inspire; I capture the emotion of a moment and put it in a single frame for the rest of the world to experience.

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